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Dare Ak
Best of the best skin care product

So sooo good

Joshua Acheampong

Fast shipping, great product packaging ,and overal great products

Lorraine kudayah-d'Almeida
So far so good!!

I was a bit skeptical before purchasing these products but glad I made the decision to. I absolutely love each and everyone of these products and can’t wait to see more of the results down the road. Will for sure be purchasing again!

Tomilola Shobo
Magic in a bottle!

If you’re thinking about it, don’t think about it. Just get it & start using it. Thank me later.

Best product out

One of the best investments I've made, the all natural ingredients really agree with my skin and keeps it clear and glowing.


The fastest turn around, even faster than prime! So far loving the results.

Sarah Tabugbo

I love the oil! A little goes a long way!! I'm always getting compliments and questions on how I get my glow and this oil is everything.

Don Onyeanula
Best thing since water

The way it makes my skin glow and feel refreshed is amazing.

Heaven Sent!

After struggling with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and trying everything under the sun to clear the blemishes up, I finally got a hold of the bundle and saw results almost instantly. Dark areas started to disappear and even out, my under tone began brightening, and I haven’t had a single pimple in months. Definitely worth getting and I’ve told anyone willing to listen to do the same!

Great product!

When I tell you I have tried different things on my face, but this product here is just magic! Just be consistent!

Joshua Acheampong
Fast shipping

Fast shipping great product

Best Skincare

This is the ish right here! Every product I use is the bomb dot com. I highly recommend and I can't wait to see what other products she'll come out with.

Charles H.
Highly recommended!!!

Hands-down, this is one of the best products I've ever come across. I knew this product was on another level when I ran out and had to use my old toner in-between. Never again because I saw how much difference the Sugar Water Toner is compared to that product. Outside of the packaging, which I love, this product really helped with clearing my skin without making it feel dry. It gives your skin such a vibrant glow. I would highly recommend this toner.

Buy it and have a back up

Love this stuff. I use it after my peels and it helps to really calm my skin down. Sometimes I also use it under my overnight masks when I need the extra moisture. If I could use it all over my body I would. When I almost ran out last year, I was rationing those drops so I can always have some at hand. Lesson learned. Always have a back up and slather it away.

1000/10 Recommend.

Faith put her back into every single aspect of this Skincare line and the products. I’ve always had good skin minus issues of hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and random outbursts of acne.

Mid 2021 I started using Fenty and immediately my skin broke out. I had acne all over and the black spots they left behind! Thankfully I decided to support a new friend and try her products hoping that it will help with the damages of Fenty beauty products..

I was pleasantly surprised that Afrikana products helped correct and is continuing to correct my skin. I have a chemical burn on my neck and slowly it’s fading away. It’s not magic and it won’t happen after one use BUT it works when you use it continuously!

If you’re afraid that you will have issues when you stop using the products, let me reassure you that it will not happen! I travels and left my goodies behind, the only bad thing that happened was me missing my skincare routine! Not a single acne touches me! (Please cue “it’s the skin for me!!”).

The products are lightweight and gently for sensitive skin! The black soap doesn’t leave your skin dry! The toner is chef kissed! It doesn’t burn your skin. Kana crème is the holy grail - I’m tempted to use it as my body lotion! My skin is glowing!

And the bottles! Simple and beautiful!

Best ever!

This cleanser does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Cleanses, purifies, heals, and leaves the skin feeling fresh. A little goes such a long way too! Add this to your routine, don’t dull.

Djamila Diallo
You’re skin will thank you

I’ve been using Afrifana skin care for 8months Now. Before I started using Afrikana I was very insecure about my face I had so many black marks. I’ve never been a make up type of woman so having clear skin has always been a must for me. I literally used everything nothing ever worked. Afrikana has been so amazing to me. My skin looks amazing and feels amazing. I get compliments daily about my face, instead of black marks all I see is my skin glowing with freckles( I never knew I had). I mean it when I say your skin will thank you. I definitely recommend men, and women to use Afrikana.

A Must Have!

I'm never one to write reviews but I have Ive tried different brands, followed their directions & the most that would happen is my face would overall get lighter. My acne would still be there. I started using Afrikana products in 2020 because hey why not right?! But to my amazement, my hyperpigmentation was being evened out, acne flare-ups stopped & I was glowing!
I love the mask (don't see that anymore), the youth serum, & black liquid soap.
I travelled last month & left ONE product behind & I literally said, "I wanna go back home! My skin care routine finna be thrown off" lol now I was being extra but I swear... it's personal for me... definitely recommend!
PS: don't let the black soap get in your eyes..

Mccheryl James
Must Have

Afrikana skin care is way to go people. If you battle with breakouts, these products are THE WIN. I got the bundle set and I love my result.

corneal barker
Best Skincare Product Out!

The youth serum is my all time favorite. I’ve tried many skincare lines in the past but, I swear by Afrikana.


finally found skincare product that doesn’t dry out my skin! I’m in love with the black soap and youth serum:) Definitely recommending this brand to friends and family🤗 #HAPPYCUSTOMER

Game Changer

I’m never going back to my old routine. This is the best one so far and I highly recommend it!

10/10 - GET IT!

It has a really nice look to it and smells amazing. It lathers and leaves your face feeling soft, hydrated, and rejuvenated. I love it 😊

Love it!!

I love the essentials set! Shipping was very FAST which made the experience even more enjoyable! The youth serum feels and smells so good when you use it. I love the look of the smell and look of the black liquid cleanser, very cool to look at.
To make this short, shop with this company for your skincare needs!
My skin is glowing, feels soft, and has a nice rejuvenated look to it. GET THESE PRODUCTS!


Y’all, listen….when I tell y’all it’s the skin for me, it’s truly the skin for me. I’ve always been the chic with the oily skin, big pores, hyperpigmentation and random outbursts of acne.

Sis has changed my life completely. Africana’s products are light weight, the skin care routine is easy to follow and they smell really good.

I noticed my first big improvement when using my best friend’s products for a week when out of town. I was so excited about my skin looking better that I tried to do a pick up order in ATL before heading back home 😩

Anyways, I made my order and the results have been amazing. My pores are shrinking, no acne break outs…old scars are fading and everything. Skin looking so good I can’t wait to get my next bundle when it’s due.

Definitely a lifetime product. Finally excited to have glowing skin in the upcoming summer.

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