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 Afrikana Skincare takes pride in keeping your skincare regimen as simple as possible. Our philosophy is that sometimes, less is more. Carefully curated with your skin in mind, our handmade products are skinfood, specifically designed to feed your skin the ingredients it needs to flourish naturally.

Our Founder was inspired to create a skincare line after noticing natural beauty wasn’t celebrated in our society. Rather than addressing blemishes at the core, she saw the increasing desire for people to cover them up with makeup or the addition of filters. We believe natural beauty should be something shown and praised; wishing men and women alike to get back in tune with their confidence when they walk out into the world.

So after years of experimenting with various ingredients from around the world, Afrikana Skincare was finally born in 2020 with a focus on real ingredients that deliver real results for all skin types and tones. 

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